Hilton Head 2024

Authors » What Is Open Poster

The purpose of the Open Poster Session is to further encourage information dissemination and discussion by sharing of: (a) preliminary research that will interest the participants but could not be submitted to the Workshop earlier; (b) research that has been previously presented, but in a venue generally not attended by the Workshop participants; or (c) research, education and/or commercialization initiatives and ideas that are valuable to the Workshop participants but are not included in the formal program. Open posters that incorporate infomercial and/or advertising will be excluded. Open Posters are scrutinized for appropriateness based on the above listed criteria and will be reviewed by the Technical Chair and the General Chair.

For these Open Posters, we are seeking submission of the PDF version of the ACTUAL poster that you intend to display at the Workshop. Although the poster dimensions (40" x 30") are quite large, we ask that you submit the scaled down version in PDF so it is visible on screen for review as well as distribution to all attendees.

Although the accepted Open Posters are not published in the technical digest, the final version of your submitted poster on or before 5 May will be distributed as an electronic handout via email shortly before the Workshop.