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SEMI MSIG Industry Session: Navigating the Transition to Industry
Tuesday, 3 June 14:00 - 16:00

Join us for an immersive Industry Session designed to help graduate students navigate the transition from academia to industry. This event is hosted by SEMI MEMS and Sensors Industry Group (MSIG), a trade organization that brings together key players from across the ecosystem to address common challenges, explore emerging trends, and drive industry growth.

Gain practical advice, success strategies, and learn about the nuances of industry roles that are often overlooked in academia, as well as the variety of roles both in and out of the fab. Learn how to leverage your academic background while adapting to the dynamic demands of the industry. Engage with seasoned industry executives as they share firsthand experiences and advice. Participate in breakout sessions facilitated by rising stars in the industry.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to expand your professional network, gain invaluable industry insights, and chart a successful career path in the MEMS and sensors sector.